Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Things Are Getting Better!

After 6 lousy weeks of unemployment and numerous financial difficulties that go with that "lovely" state of affairs things are beginning to take an upswing.

I started a new job today and find myself firmly behind the learning curve again. It's work I've done before, medical transcription, but I had only done it for one doctor before. Now I'm doing it for a whole hospital full of doctors and I imagine I'll be getting everything from simple ingrown toenails to major traumas. It should be interesting. I find that after more than a year off my skills are rusty but with the practice module I did today I think they will come back and improve. The hardest part is going to be learning everybody's name! And just about the time I do I'll start doing the job from home.

So I won't be seeing a full paycheck until December but it's a whole heckuva lot better than no paycheck at all! Now maybe I can buy hubby those Lone Ranger DVD's he wants for Christmas.

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