Monday, July 28, 2008

Finally Updating!

My darling husband has been after me to update my blog for a long time. He doesn't buy my excuse that I have more important things to do than update my blog. Or the excuse that I don't have anything on my mind. Okay, so he has me over a barrel and has called my bluff.

Something really cool has happened recently (other than the birth of my son Jimmy). I was researching Jimmy's family tree on so when he gets older he'll have some idea of who his ancestors were. I found a distant cousin of mine right here on Blogspot! Her name is Gina McRobie. She is related through my maternal grandfather's mother. Granddaddy had lots of brothers and sisters so I'm sure I have a ton of cousins out there I'll never meet. Gina and I have exchanged emails several times and she has given me some tips on researching my husband's side of the family. I hope when Jimmy gets a little older I'll have more time to pursue the research on the Meissner family. Until then, if you think you may be my cousin, contact me! I'd love to meet you!


imaryland said...

Kim, I have found you. I have been out of the loop for the last 13 weeks. I zigged when I should have zagged and spent the last weeks in hospital and rehab. Where are pictures of Jimmy????? Love Maryland

John Meissner said...

Hi Sweetie. It's good to know that you have more on your mind than just your hair!

I love you and can't wait for your next update.